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1、一代示踪线:是由铝箔和塑料薄膜的母体组成,铝箔主要是传输信号,母体是牢靠铝箔 。这种示踪线弱点:铝箔强度很是低,纵然在生产,运输历程中也很容易断裂,辅设易损伤,同时铝箔的电阻很是大,有用探测距离和深度有限 。

1. First generation tracer line: It is composed of a matrix of aluminum foil and plastic film. The aluminum foil is mainly used for transmitting signals, and the matrix is a fixed aluminum foil. The disadvantages of this tracer line are that the strength of the aluminum foil is very low, and it is easy to break even during production and transportation. The auxiliary equipment is easily damaged, and the resistance of the aluminum foil is very high, which limits the effective detection distance and depth.

2、二代示踪线:是由钢丝和塑料薄膜压制而成,该示踪线由钢丝为导体,电阻大,探测距离有限,难以知足现实需要 。

2. Second generation tracer line: It is made by pressing steel wire and plastic film. The tracer line is made of steel wire as the conductor, with high resistance and limited detection distance, making it difficult to meet practical needs.

3、三代示踪线:是由铜包钢金属线芯和PE外;げ阕槌,外观成线状 。

3. Third generation tracer wire: It is composed of copper clad steel metal wire core and PE outer protective layer, with a linear appearance.

1、踪线埋设时应紧贴PE管道呈直线状,并位于管道的顶面为好 。请勿以螺旋状纠葛在PE管道上埋设,这样易导致探测效果禁绝确 。

1. When burying the tracking line, it should be closely attached to the PE pipeline in a straight line shape and located on the top surface of the pipeline. Do not bury the PE pipeline in a spiral shape, as this can lead to inaccurate detection results.

2、在窨井或出地处示踪线应该预留出一定长度的导线(1m以上为宜),供探测施加信号所用 。这样可提髙探测效率和精度 。


2. A certain length of wire (1m or more is recommended) should be reserved for the tracing line in the inspection well or at the exit of the ground, for the purpose of detecting and applying signals. This can improve detection efficiency and accuracy.

3、示踪线讨论或分支点一定要毗连牢靠,坚持优异导电,并用绝缘胶布包好,避免地下湿润而造成侵蚀断线情形,使探测信号中止 。管道的钢塑转换讨论处示踪线可以焊接在法兰上,接点处做好防腐处理,避免日久后侵蚀断线 。

3. The connector or branch point of the tracer line must be firmly connected, maintain good conductivity, and wrapped with insulating tape to prevent corrosion and wire breakage caused by underground moisture, which may interrupt the detection signal. The tracing line at the steel plastic conversion joint of the pipeline can be welded to the flange, and the joint should be treated with anti-corrosion measures to prevent corrosion and breakage over time.

4、为增添示踪线的信号强度并让信号漫衍匀称,施工时须只管减小示踪线埋地最后的接地电阻,接纳剥掉绝缘层裸露芯线30cm的优异接境地伐 。特殊是关于长度较短的分支管的最后,一定要接地优异,不然分支上的信号会很是弱而探测不到 。

4. To increase the signal strength of the tracer line and ensure even signal distribution, it is necessary to minimize the grounding resistance at the buried end of the tracer line during construction, and take good grounding measures by peeling off the insulation layer and exposing the core wire 30cm. Especially for the ends of shorter branch pipes, they must be well grounded, otherwise the signal on the branch will be very weak and cannot be detected.

5、若管道埋地长度凌驾1km,中央又没有窨井等设施供预留示踪线头知足探测之需,则建议每处设一个测试桩并预留示踪线讨论供探测时使用 。

5. If the buried length of the pipeline exceeds 1km and there are no inspection wells or other facilities in the middle to reserve tracer heads for detection needs, it is recommended to install a test pile at each kilometer and reserve tracer line joints for use during detection.

6、在非开挖工程施工中,PE管道外面的示踪线在拖管历程中容易被扯断,轻盈的步伐是选择截面积更大、强度更高的导线或钢丝绳,或者在管道的内部预穿一条示踪线即可阻止断线,其探测效果犹如在外面一样,但这样做时需处理好内部示踪线头与外面示踪线毗连的问题 。

6. In non excavation engineering construction, the tracer line outside the PE pipeline is prone to breakage during the dragging process. A simple method is to choose a larger cross-sectional area and higher strength wire or steel wire rope, or pre thread a tracer line inside the pipeline to avoid breakage. The detection effect is the same as on the outside, but when doing so, it is necessary to handle the problem of connecting the internal tracer line head to the external tracer line.

7、在某些特殊情形下,对PE管道无法应用示踪线,这时可接纳预埋示踪球的要领知足以后的探测定位需要 。

7. In some special cases, it is not possible to apply tracer lines to PE pipelines. In such cases, the method of embedding tracer balls can be used to meet future detection and positioning needs.

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