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之前由于垃圾处理主要以卫生填埋的方法来处理。用这种方法处理的垃圾填埋场会爆发大宗的垃圾填埋气 ,若是不加以处理或者使用 ,将对周边情形造成很大的空气污染 ,严重影响周围住民的生涯品质。其中垃圾填埋气发电现在是一种主要使用方法。那垃圾填埋场沼气发电需要哪些外部条件呢?

Previously, garbage disposal was mainly carried out through sanitary landfilling. The landfill site treated in this way will generate a large amount of landfill gas. If not treated or utilized, it will cause significant air pollution to the surrounding environment and seriously affect the quality of life of nearby residents. Among them, landfill gas power generation is currently the main utilization method. What external conditions are required for biogas power generation in landfills?

1:垃圾填埋场必需是卫生填埋的 ,也就是说垃圾填埋场填埋历程中用到了防渗膜

1: The landfill must be sanitary, which means that anti-seepage membranes are used during the landfill process

2:垃圾填埋场的垃圾必需是生自然气发电机组活垃圾 ,修建垃圾虽然不可


2: The garbage from landfills must be live waste from natural gas generators, and construction waste is not allowed

3:日填生涯垃圾在500吨以上 ,这样的量才有大宗的垃圾填埋气爆发 ,不然宇量小影响发电量 ,以及投资 ,若是宇量小可以思量用沼气燃烧火炬把这些气体燃烧掉。

3: A daily amount of household waste exceeding 500 tons is necessary to generate a large amount of landfill gas. Otherwise, a small amount of gas will affect power generation and investment returns. If the amount of gas is small, it can be considered to use a biogas torch to incinerate these gases.

4:填埋时间少在三年以上 ,垃圾填埋场设计在10年以上填埋时间。

4: The landfill time should be at least three years, and the design of the landfill site should have a landfill time of at least 10 years.

5:若是要垃圾填埋气发电上网的话还要思量近的上网所在离垃圾填埋场的距离是否太远 ,太远投资很是大。

5: If you want landfill gas power generation to be connected to the grid, you also need to consider whether the nearest connection point is too far from the landfill site. If it is too far, the investment is very high.

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