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燃气PE管示踪线有哪些使用及注重事项 ?

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Gas PE pipe tracing line is a tracing line technology applied to PE (polyethylene) pipelines. It makes the PE pipeline conductive by attaching a metal wire inside or outside the pipeline. In this way, when it is necessary to detect the position of the pipeline, the direction and position of the pipeline can be quickly and accurately determined by transmitting current or signals.


Advantages of Gas PE Pipe Tracer Lines


Compared to traditional tracing methods, gas PE pipe tracing line technology has many advantages:


Firstly, the gas PE pipe tracer line technology combines metal wires with PE pipes, eliminating issues such as sticking, reducing process requirements and construction difficulties.


Secondly, by insulating the metal wire from the PE pipeline, it can effectively reduce the damage caused by corrosion and electrochemical reactions, and extend the service life of the pipeline.


In addition, the gas PE pipe tracer technology is environmentally friendly and fully meets environmental protection requirements. The use of metal wires will not cause pollution to soil and groundwater, and can be recycled and reused after the project is completed.


Precautions for using gas PE pipe tracer lines


Although gas PE pipe tracer technology has significant advantages, the following precautions still need to be taken during use:


It is necessary to ensure that the connection between the metal wire and the PE pipeline is firm and reliable, in order to prevent the metal wire from falling off or shifting and causing tracer failure.


Regular inspections and maintenance are required to ensure good conductivity of the metal wire. Once a problem is found, it should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.


In addition, when carrying out underground engineering construction, caution should be exercised to avoid scratching or damaging the tracing line, so as not to interfere with pipeline tracing.


Application of Gas PE Pipe Tracer Line in Engineering


The gas PE pipe tracing line technology is widely used in various gas pipeline projects, including urban gas pipeline networks, industrial and commercial gas pipelines, chemical plants, gas stations, etc. It can improve construction efficiency and management level, reduce safety hazards, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.


During the pipeline laying process, gas PE pipe tracing line technology can quickly locate the position of the pipeline, avoiding unnecessary damage and repair. In case of leakage or other emergency situations, the problem can be quickly identified and corresponding measures can be taken to reduce accident losses.


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