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一、 电力警示带的界说和作用

1、 Definition and function of electric warning tape

电力警示带是指在电力装备或电缆线路周围用来警示人们注重的辅助标记,其作用是为了提醒人们在不爆发危险的情形下严酷遵守规程,预防事故的爆发 。

Electric warning tape refers to an auxiliary sign used near power equipment or cable lines to warn people to pay attention to safety. Its function is to remind people to strictly follow safety regulations and prevent accidents from occurring without causing danger.

二、 电力警示带的分类

2、 Classification of electric warning tapes

电力警示带凭证用途分类,主要分为“歇工警示带”、“高压警示带”、“中压警示带”、“低压警示带”、“零线警示带”、“接地警示带”等 。

Electric power warning tapes are classified according to their uses, mainly including "shutdown warning tapes", "high voltage warning tapes", "medium voltage warning tapes", "low voltage warning tapes", "zero line warning tapes", "grounding warning tapes", etc.


三、 埋深规范要求

3、 Burial depth specification requirements

歇工警示带的埋深不得少于20厘米 。

The burial depth of the shutdown warning tape shall not be less than 20 centimeters.

高压警示带压埋深不得低于60cm ;

The buried depth of the high-voltage warning tape shall not be less than 60cm;

中压警示带埋深不得低于40cm ;

The burial depth of the medium voltage warning tape shall not be less than 40cm;

低压警示带埋深不得低于30cm ;

The burial depth of the low-voltage warning tape shall not be less than 30cm;

零线警示带埋深不得低于15cm ;

The burial depth of the zero line warning tape shall not be less than 15cm;

接地警示带埋深不得低于20cm 。

The burial depth of the grounding warning tape shall not be less than 20cm.

四、 埋深注重事项

4、 Notes on burial depth

装置电力警示带的施工现场必需对埋深举行掌握,并在装备或线路处设置足够的标识牌,以防误伤 。

The construction site for installing power warning tapes must have a clear understanding of the burial depth and set up sufficient signage at equipment or lines to prevent accidental injury.

在开挖施工中应注重适当的高度和深度,阻止损坏电缆或电线,镌汰不须要的维修通例 。

During excavation construction, attention should be paid to appropriate height and depth to avoid damaging cables or wires and reduce unnecessary maintenance routines.

施工职员应实时整理施工现场,恢回复貌,使弯曲度抵达标准要求 。

Construction personnel should promptly clean the construction site, restore its original appearance, and ensure that the curvature meets the standard requirements.

五、 常见问题解答

5、 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the standard burial depth for electric warning tapes?

答:差别种类的电力警示带所对应的埋深标准是差别的,一样平常应该参照相关规范举行设置 。

Answer: The burial depth standards corresponding to different types of power warning tapes are different, and should generally be set according to relevant specifications.


How to install an electrical warning tape?

答:电力警示带装置的详细要领应凭证差别地形、质料和应用方法来决议,建议施工前行认真详尽的现场勘探和妄想,以免造成不须要的损失 。

Answer: The specific method of installing power warning tapes should be determined based on different terrains, materials, and application methods. It is recommended to conduct a careful and meticulous on-site survey and planning before construction to avoid unnecessary losses.

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