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Many places have cable marker stakes produced by manufacturers along the green belts, which act like security personnel to warn and protect the safety of underground cables. This is a comprehensive measure to address hidden dangers in underground cables; With the development, underground cables are scattered in every corner, making management difficult. In the initial construction, cable marker piles are far apart and not clear enough, which usually leads to cable damage. Therefore, let's take a look at the regulations for the spacing of cable marker piles.


The position and spacing of cable marker posts should comply with the following regulations:



Cable marker piles should be installed directly above the pipeline. When using cable marker piles as corner piles, they should be installed directly above the midpoint of the corner section. When there are no installation conditions above the pipeline, they can be installed in a relatively nearby roadside green belt, and a schematic diagram of the pipe pile should be marked on the cable marker pile.


Cable marker posts should not be installed on fully enclosed and restricted roads, and the installation distance of cable marker posts should be 100m. On flat ground, with minimal visual interference, and smooth roads, the installation distance of cable marker piles can be greater than 100m. In special areas, the installation of pipeline marker piles should be systematically carried out according to specific laying standards!


Cable marker piles are cable routing marker piles buried along natural gas high-pressure pipelines, mainly made of plastic steel, fiberglass, and composite materials, painted with yellow markings. In order to serve as a warning, they are marked with "gas pipeline, gas telephone, pipeline pile number, pipeline direction, and electronic inspection information button", which facilitates line patrol and repair personnel to quickly locate the pipeline position and win the opportunity for repair. According to Article 36 of the Urban Gas Management Regulations, Unauthorized removal and movement of cable markers buried on high-pressure natural gas pipelines is an illegal act.


Sign stakes have become one of the indispensable equipment in social development, and their use can make our lives more civilized and management more reasonable.


In general, the use of marker stakes requires long-term effectiveness. If not maintained and managed during use, a large number of marker stakes may be missing and damaged. Therefore, after installing and using marker stakes, we still need to pay attention to maintenance.


The appearance of fiberglass profile marker posts makes maintenance and management easier. Due to the special appearance design of this product, it can remain unchanged for a long time and has low recycling value, which can prevent theft. Through these characteristics, the integrity of the marker posts can be guaranteed, and their service life can reach up to 30 years.


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